CHAIRMAN’S  NOTE                                                         September – October 2019

EVENTS IN HONG KONG:  As the world watches events unfolding in Hong Kong, people old and young have held vigils and demonstrations all over the world. Here in Auckland we were invited to participate in their vigil in Queen Street and given the opportunity for two speakers to have their say. As part of our support, we wore placards around our necks with the words: “TIBET is with HONG KONG” and both the Tibetan and Hong Kong flags printed on them. Some of us draped the Tibetan flags around our shoulders so as to not overshadow the Hong Kongers. To my surprise there were no Hong Kong flags, only those printed on our placards.

I spoke on the 17 Point Agreement which was forced on the Tibetan delegation by China in 1951. This promised One country Two systems for Tibet, but by 1959 China had violated every point of the Agreement, resulting in the Uprising on 10th March that year. The rest is history. Today the same thing is happening in Hong Kong. We hope that it will not end in Hong Kong as it did in Tibet. Our second Tibetan speaker spoke at length of China’s influence and interference among smaller nations and its vast investments there and in the larger countries. China has tentacles in all aspects throughout the world through trade and huge loans, and  he gave many examples.

CLIMATE CHANGE CONCERNS: Many demonstrations have been held around the world, mainly by young people, against climate change. In Christchurch Friends of Tibet participated, with members flying the Tibetan flag. Photos are in this Newsletter. China is one of the world’s worst transgressors of CO2 emissions. Tibet’s once-pristine environment is so important for the health of the whole of Asia that scientists have labelled it the Third Pole. Tibet’s waters need protecting for the world.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: The AGM of the Auckland branch will be held on Wednesday 20th November at 7.30. Please see the advert in this newsletter. I hope to see many of you at the meeting.

Best wishes and Tashi Delek

Thuten Kesang QSM
National Chairman