CHAIRMAN’S NOTE                                                July – August 2019          

Celebration of the Birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama:  It was great to see so many of our members and the Tibetan community at the celebration of the 84th birthday of His Holiness. The shared dinner was most enjoyable. May His Holiness live for eons.

Google Campaign: The international campaign against Goggle’s plans to implement a search engine in China, called “Dragon Fly” has had a great success. The International Tibet Network, of which Friends of Tibet (NZ) is a member, launched a campaign to demonstrate outside Google offices worldwide on the day of its AGM held in its headquarters in the United States.  In Auckland, a small number of dedicated Tibet supporters stood outside its Auckland offices at the waterfront. Shareholders decided not to go ahead with their plans for a search engine in China, which is a great success. Congratulation to shareholders for voting for common sense.

Recent events in Hong Kong:  Protests against an extradition bill which could have meant anyone being extradited from Hong Kong to China have escalated in the people there wanting more democratic rights, and people around the world have demonstrated in support of them. This situation is a lesson in China’s grasp that the world has forgotten. It is similar to that which happened in Tibet, when the Tibetan delegation was forced to sign the “Seventeen Point Agreement” in 1951, although Tibet was an independent country. China promised no interference in the Tibetan way of life, and international affairs were to be dealt with by China. The Government of Tibet tried to live under the Agreement for nearly nine years, by which time China had violated every one of the Seventeen Points, resulting in the Tibet uprising and the escape of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1959, along with hundreds of thousands of Tibetans. Let us hope that China does not do the same to Hong Kong, even though it is a legitimate territory of China.

Team Tibet-Home away from Home Documentary:  The DVDs  copies are now available to purchase from the film’s director, Robin Greenberg. An order form is enclosed. I hope those who will purchase a copy will enjoy viewing the documentary.

Best wishes and Tashi Delek

Thuten Kesang QSM
National Chairman