CHAIRMAN’S NOTE September – October 2018

At last the US Congress has passed a crucial bipartisan bill that seeks to impose a visa ban on Chinese officials who deny American citizens, government officials and journalists access to Tibet. Let us hope that they will stick to that Bill and not allow Chinese officials to come to the United States until China allows US officials and journalists to visit Tibet; only then will the bill be effective. In a similar fashion the Canadian government has asked China to allow Canadian officials to visit Tibet. Canada has allowed Chinese officials into Canada to promote China’s version of what is happening in Tibet, which we all know is only Chinese propaganda.

The real issue in Tibet is the lack of religious and cultural freedom there, resulting in Tibet being under virtual martial law. This is one of the main reasons why China is not allowing any independent visitors to Tibet due to China’s fear of exposure of true reporting of what is happening in Tibet. Every now and then China takes a handful of their choice of journalists into Tibet showing them only what China wants them to see, and not allowing them freedom to report independently.

Let us hope that all governments take up the stand of the United States and make reciprocal arrangements to allow unfettered access to Tibet. Only then can the true situation of Tibet can be seen worldwide.

During the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Netherlands in September 2018, he met with a number of Members of Parliament and during their discussion His Holiness mentioned in ancient powerful kings in Asia. He reiterated that from the 7th century to Manchu dynasty, three powerful nations were well known and they were the Chinese, the Mongols, and the Tibetans.

However, times have changed. The erstwhile arch enemies in Europe have joined in one union. His Holiness said this vision is what he admires. Under the Middle Way approach for resolution of Tibet’s problem, Tibetans are willing to join a similar union with China, which should ensure the preservation of Tibetan ecology, cultural heritage, and language. That in itself, shows that China’s claim on Tibet from ancient times was part of China, is not true.
“Tibet was never a part of China”.

Best wishes and Tashi Delek

Thuten Kesang
National Chairman