FOT National Chairman, Thuten Kesang, died 23rd May at Auckland Hospital following complications of a brain aneurysm.

These are the words of his wife Gwen Kesang:  Thuten was so dearly loved by all. He was active in so many things and was well known for his passion for Tibet, as well as other community involvements. He loved his tennis, and had been made a Life Member of his tennis club in 2003.

Thuten was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal in 2003. Anyone typing in his name on Google will find many entries on him. He was also the Hon Secretary of the Liaison Office of Tibet in New Zealand, Chairman of the Dalai Lama Visit Trust New Zealand, Auckland Multicultural Society President, patron of Global OGBs association from his old school in India, and the retired President of the Auckland Tibetan Association.

Thuten’s family have been overwhelmed with messages of condolences, more than could be individually replied to, but express much gratitude for these.